Radtke's Pike Minnow
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This field-tested and proven lure has dynamic styling, which resembles the shape of a fish.  The action is absolutely superb as it really has two actions in one.  Not only does it swing from left to right like most good action lures, but it also has a rolling action at the same time which causes the sides to flash.  This unique action is one of the features that make it such a good fish catching lure. 

The Radtke's Pike Minnow is a crank type bait that has its own action while retrieving.  It is also a countdown type lure, which means it sinks at a given rate.  It sinks at a rate of one foot per second.  The precise location of the weight sets up a unique factor causing the lure to remain level during the descent and retrieve.  This makes the Radtke's Pike Minnow different from other countdowns and crankbaits.  This factor causes the lure to stay and maintain its depth during trolling or retrieving.  Other diving lures do not have the weight evenly distributed.  The lip on other lures is the main offsetting weight of the lure therefore causing the lure to sink head first.  Therefore, when you begin your retrieve with other lures, they will continue to dive until their maximum depth is met.  Because of the design of the Radtke's Pike Minnow it does not have a maximum depth. 

The Radtke's Pike Minnow has a rattle to set up an extra vibration that definitely helps attract the attention of the fish to the lure.  The added weight from this rattle also allows you to cast further, use heavier equipment and makes the lure run deeper in the water. 

The Radtke's Pike Minnow is available in two sizes.  a 7" single jointed model and an 8 3/4" double jointed model. 

The tail is designed so the Radtke's Pike Minnow resembles the tail of a fish.  More importantly the flat surfaces act as a stabilizing bar and hold the lure in an upright position not allowing it to tip on its side.  Therefore, you can work it at any speed and also give a fast figure eight or speed trolling without having the worry of the Radtke's Pike Minnow losing its action or popping out of the water.